From Traditional to Industrial/Modern

The way that Joy sees a room, and all the potential it holds, is incredible.

She was able to walk through my home, and immediately start designing the decor for each room. Virtually!!!! She can literally do her job from just about anywhere.

The biggest blessing was helping me figure out my decor style. She knows exactly what questions to ask to figure out your style, and how to go from A to B. I now have the knowledge of what will work in my home and what won’t. I don’t have to guess, which is so freeing.

The design boards she puts together for each room are also invaluable. It’s like she can read your design mind, and puts it all together for you seamlessly. In this instance, she gave me clear parameters for what lighting to choose, how to contract a professional, what pricing to look for, and also, where to buy everything with links.

Even if something was no longer available, I was able to go search Amazon or Wayfair to find similar items. A simple change in the main lighting fixtures completely changed our home from a traditional to a more industrial modern feel. I love it! I would still be wandering around aimlessly, in some home store, without a clear direction, if not for her help.